Monday, August 11, 2008

Scripts and beginnings

Hello, may I speak to Mr Debtor? Yes, I'll hold.

Hello, Joe? Joe Debtor? Hi, my name is [Alias], and I'm calling from [Debt Collection Agency], on behalf of [The Company You Owe Money To] regarding [The Debt You Owe]. First off, I need to let you know this call [may be/is] being recorded {for quality assurance} and this is an attempt to collect a debt {any information obtained will be used strictly for that purpose}.

That's the beginning to every call you make where you contact a debtor. Not just the first time, but every time. You have to be sure you're talking to the right person, legally you are held accountable for disclosing any information that is given to anyone other than the debtor(s) you have listed on the file in front of you.

If you're new to the game (hell) then you're going to be anxious about a lot of things regarding your new position (torture). Just remember, this is debt that they already owe, and that it's not a bad thing to call someone and tell them that their debt is due. But, I digress...

The script above (with options for more the more polite approach), is something that every debt collection agent has drilled into their heads. It's not hard to learn, and after a couple of days you normally have it down pat.

Any debt collection agency worth it's salt will give you a script to work from, along with a nice set of come backs to ensure that you're capable of handing the easier disputes and delays that come up.

Remember, while you're hunting for those debtors, that this is your gun of choice. And, your ammo. Never leave home without it. It's also your protective vest, allowing you to be sure that you're not breaking any laws by disclosing to the wrong person, or not chanting off the MM/RM (Mini-miranda/ recording miranda). These are the easiest ways to get fired, sued, or in other forms of incredible trouble.

It breaks down like this:

"This is an attempt to collect a debt {any information obtained will be used strictly for that purpose}" This is the mini miranda, it's required on all correspondence with the debtor, be it on the phone, in person, or via a letter or e-mail. (E-mail is a horrible idea by the way, considering how easy it is for others to access someones, other than their own, e-mail.) It -has- to be there, for a third-party collection to not break the law. (the FDCPA, for the most part, doesn't have much to do with first party collections, something I'm not nearly as familiar with as third party collections)

"This call [may be/is] being recorded {for quality assurance)." - The recording miranda, obviously only needs to be used on a call that -is- being recorded, and that is over the phone. Unless, of course, you have a recording device that you use for in-person contacts. (Might be a good idea.) There are several strict laws about recording conversations without the knowledge of the consumer, and it's not a pretty thing to be caught for something so petty.

So, remember, always use the script. It'll save your debt collecting ass.


daveM said...

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Tom said...

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